All About MMA Fighter Jake Shields

Jake Shields started wrestling when he was nine and continued to do it all through college. He also met Chuck Liddell during that time and started to train with him. He had seen MMA fights a few times when he was younger because his father liked them, but the sport wasn’t popular like it is now.

A few weeks after he started to train with Liddell he had his first MMA fight and he was hooked from that point on. The rest is essentially history and now he’s the Welterweight Champion of EliteXC. If you want to be part of the MMA scene you might find yourself in the ring with him someday, or with a fighter who’s just as good, so you want to be prepared. The best way to get ready is to find a good school like MMA Richmond and start training.

You won’t succeed in MMA if you’re not prepared for what an opponent like Jake Shields might throw at you, so you have to be skilled, conditioned, and ready for anything.

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